Catherine Weitzman

Catherine Weitzman is born and raised in New York.

Her jewellery, designed together with co-creator Scott Diamond, is all manufactured by hand in her production studio in Honolulu, Hawaii. The company showroom is located in mid-town New York City.

Living between Hawaii and Manhattan generates a large body of work inspired by both islands.

The jewellery is made from Sterling Silver, every piece is also available 18K vermeil gold plated. All stones used are high quality precious stones, such as ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, topaz or turquoise.

The silver is all recycled "green" Sterling Silver” and comes from sustainable sources.
The jewellery plating facilities are carefully chosen. They filter all of the water that comes in and out, and have developed proprietary technologies to reduce waste and recycle all of their byproducts.

With each new piece of her signature line of handmade jewellery, Catherine Weitzman expresses her love of nature through art, design and fashion. Seasonal accessory collections offer women organic elegance that combines luxury and wearability with highest standards of craftsmanship.